ProcessPreservation brings decades of experience and an attitude of finding the most
inexpensive, flexible, and effective solutions for your specific instructional needs.



Loss of Critical Skill is Costly

A corporation of 1000 people, that suffers a 20% turnover also suffers as much as $6 million in lost income.

We Capture and Archive Critical Skills

We doubt that anybody will ever be able to capture talent, but we can capture skills and processes, and we can archive them to meet your future needs or make them immediately available for ongoing training. In scores of tests and in dozens of studies we have produced successes.

We Enhance Your Flexibility

Sometimes a company wants to discontinue a practice without losing the skills required for doing it. Perhaps a furniture company wants to discontinue a Victorian style sofa or a technology company wants to discontinue a chip manufacturing process. We can demonstrate how to capture and save those skills in long-term archives.

We Capture and Preserve Best Practices in Manufacturing

We have the capability for capturing the best manufacturing practices developed for specific needs and archiving them for reuse should the need arise in the future.

Training can be repetitive and expensive, with each new employee requiring safety, company policy, and SOP training. Often, the best employee is used to instruct the new employee, causing reduced production.

We Automate and Simplify Training

Our instructional protocols are designed to be automated. Trainees are shown the step-by-step procedures of producing, repairing, and maintaining products. They are shown what tools to use, and how to use them. Typically, instruction is designed to be used at the workstation. When employees are trained using protocols we have developed, managers keep their best employees working in more productive areas and their new people often learn as they work.

For for information on our capabilities
Contact Dr. David Hailey at (435) 797-2948

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