We Provide You with the Following Services:

- Consulting and training at your facility.
- Onsite instruction for your training team at your facility.
- Onsite projects, producing materials to meet your needs.
- Student interns with technical and instructional support.
- Training in workshops in our facility at Utah State University.

Consulting and Training at Your Facility

If you need technical support, we will go up to your site and provide you with all the training and equipment your corporation needs to archive critical processes and to develop new training technologies.

Onsite Instruction at Your Facility

. . . or we will go to your facility and introduce these technologies to your training staff. We can explain the theoretical foundation we use for producing powerful instruction. We can demonstrate the tools we use. We can demonstrate the foundations of archiving. And as an instructional heuristic, we can guide your training staff through a project.

Onsite Projects

. . . or we will go to your site and capture the critical skills, archive them and/or create training modules, using our equipment and technology. If you have no training team, or if your team is too small for major projects, we can provide additional technical support.

Cost a Concern?

. . . finally, if you need, we will provide hardware and software at a nominal cost and student interns from Utah State University's Technical and Professional Writing Program for up to a year each. We will provide the interns with free technical and instructional support. Quality? This site was developed by student interns.

Cost Still a Concern?

Since 1994, we have been national leaders in distributing distance education. We can provide independent training for any student, any time, any place, and at any pace.

Hardware and Software

We can put together a complete system for you, including multimedia development tools and video capture hardware and software.

More Detail About What ProcessPreservation Does

For information on our capabilities-
Email Dr. David Hailey or call (435) 797-2741


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Services We offer?
We reduce your training costs.

1997 demonstration of materials and supplies portion of a process preservation project.Step by step instructions for finding pure states.2-D animation of four stroke engineDemonstrationof waterquality testing done for the Environmantal Protection Agency.part of a 1996 project testing and comparing instruction in different media.New interface designed for courses scheduled for distribution in Singapore.Demonstration of the process of pre-adjusting valves for 383 engine.This is the first completely independant, digital thermodynamics course.  With all supporting content, the course was 80GB and was distributed on portable hard drives.EPA project designed to explain water quality testing.This was a test sponsored by US West into the viability of digital instruction.  This first course was produced for CD-ROM distribution.Sample specification hypermodule.This second project was designed to test the viability of HTML-based instruction.This project connects to a variety of different instructional materials.
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